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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  March 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! worth waiting for, too. it's 6:00 and the perfect way
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to end the season of winter. which this is the last day of. looking at the domino sign there. i had to have that line. sharon will have the traffic after the weather. we're already at the 40s across central maryland and 47 degrees at bwi. 45 in bel air and 36 on the shore and 30 in oakland. we have a nice day shaping up and a light wind. and the forecast looks like this. temperatures in the 40s and we're going up to a high about 72 degrees and sunshine and blue skies and warmer than yesterday. if you liked yesterday, you'll love today. your complete updated forecast in a few moments. and today's rush is starting out better. well, that's for sure, we haven't had any problems to report all morning. that's a fantastic friday morning.
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there's the drive times and speeds. 54 around the beltway and there's a look at the beltway on the westside at liberty road and there's the harrisburg expressway. everything's running there as it should be. remember, wjz is always on, for traffic information, any time, go to back to you, don. here's what people will talk about today. march madness beginning in earnest as the they were pin -- they were pin -- terrapins --
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>> reporter: the bears play at 12:15 and morgan state is 15th and west virginia, t .. virginia-- 2nd. >> but they won 19 of the last 21 games. this is the second year until a row they made it to the play offs and this year, the fans say they'll do better. this year, they've calmed down and they've been there before, it will be a better game. it matches up well with the growth of the school and it shows the talent we have locally and we're doing a great job with it. >> reporter: now, the tickets sure went fast, leaving hundreds of fans who wanted to see the game in person out of luck. by about noon this time today, many of the students on campus won't think about the school
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work. >> and add spring and what do you got. exactly. the terrapins are set to play in washington state and the senior guard says they're looking forward to it. >> we close, you know, we had a great season, now, you know, we have to do even a better job the next couple of weeks. you know, this friday. and it's a huge game friday. this is huge for us and we got to understand that. >> this is the only place to watch the game this afternoon. game thyme 12:15 after eyewitness news at noon today and then at 9:30 this evening, the terps take to the court against the cougars of houston. in other news this morning,
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he's in god's hands. a maryland man was hit by a truck going the wrong way and criminal charges are possible. >> reporter: he was driving on his way to work when the police say he was hit by another driver going the wrong way in hanover. markings of a severe accident remain in anne arundel county. the police tell eyewitness news it happened at 2:46 normanover and a driver in -- there was a sole occupant in the camry and he sustained life threatening injuries. >> a gentlemen is stuck. yeah, there's well, someone's passed out in a car.
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>> reporter: the 27-year-old -- 37-year-old was in the camry and he was rushed to shock trauma and listed in critical condition. >> how's your brother doing? >> he's in god's hands. we're praying for him. >> reporter: the driver of the pick upwho hit him was also hospitalized and an unidentified passenger. a search of the court records show he's had a dozen traffic violations since 2000. >> it appears that alcohol, speed and driver error were factors in the accident. >> this is not his first time, he has, on what we've read and heard, he has a dui and all of that. so, well, i mean, this is just terrible. >> reporter: and the police say that the charges could be pending. thank you, kai jackson.
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he's married and has two children. >> this morning, two workers are without jobs following the death of a teacher. a former student is accused of the murderer and the staff failed to properly supervise the residents. strong words from the city, police and fire unions here. it's not yet final and the police department's chopper and marine units and fire companies and bulk trash pickup could be cut as the play your dealing -- as the mayor deals with a deficit. >> tell us what's the priority, is it the potholes or the young kid who needs to get to school and make sure she's not hurt.
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what's the priority. >> the city could impose new fees on land line telephones and soda bottles and hospital beds. new this morning, the state highway administration removed the messages from one sign over the beltway. the governor expressed that the messages could distract drivers. they're showing there were backups at the signs and the travel time messages are removed. they'll monitor the signs elsewhere near i-95 to see if the information needs to be removed there as well. march madness is here and surprise surprise, fans are getting their fix while at work. they're tuning into live web stream and $1.8 billion is lost in productivity during the first two days of the tournament each and every year.
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>> when it comes to our bracket challenge, tim williams, sitting next to me -- he's leading the way. he's guessed 11 of yesterday's 16 games. i'm second with bernadette woods and also, adam may and mark viviano and stan saunders were done at this point. we had 10. and the wjz viewer is brutus guessing 15 of the 16 correctly. he picked georgetown to beat ohio and ohio won in one of yesterday's biggest upsets. >> he's the man. >> i don't know how you do that. that's insane. >> well, nationwide, you know, it's got to be someone. >> well, albert, well, our southern maryland viewer and frequent messenger says, the
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madness has begun. the madness has lived up to the reputation and he's right. >> yes. >> more games today as we've been telling you. >> all right, gigi -- looks like supergirl? >> reporter: i feel like superspar tan girl. we're celebrating the maryland greek birthplace day today. you can catch these guys, too. look fierce? not really, nice guys. all of this coming up. ,,,,,,,,,
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tim williams is over in the weather center. >> 47 now at bwi and humidity at 45% and a west wind at 5 miles per hour and the barometer is rising and going
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up gradually and 29.84 is the pressure reading and these are the coldst spots on the map. and near the water's edge where the temperatures are near the 40-degree range, the temperatures will be cooler along the bay and shore. winds coming in with a light breeze and calm readings in cumberland and east river and ocean city. just a light breeze. we'll watch the storm system tracking the front coming across -- well, it came down from the south western edge of canada and tracking across the heartland and dumping snow in colorado, the rockies and the dakotas and we'll see a little bit of snow out of this as well. we'll watch this sunday afternoon and sunday night. it's been backed up and that's not a bad thing, the weekend now is safe guarded -- not expecting precipitation through sunday. we'll have warmer temperatures and behind the front, the
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temperatures will drop and we'll start a warmup by the middle of the week after they're knocked back. until then, we'll go up to 70 degrees and that's today and tomorrow and sunrise today at 7:11 and sunset at 7:17 and we have no advisories and effect. much like yesterday, only a few degrees warmer and we got up to 70 degrees yesterday and sunny and nice tomorrow and we'll be up to 70 degrees then. looking for rain arriving late sunday night and we'll have thunder in the system as it moves through. 66 monday and rain leaving here on tuesday. and we'll warm up again wednesday and look at the lows, 40s to 50s. continuing to track the travels throughout the commute, sharon gibala. well, it's a nice commute
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for friday morning or any morning. we have debris on 50 eastbound at the bay bridge and no delays because of it. there's a live look outside, looking good and same for 95 and white marsh, and 50 at sandy point. everything's moving fine despite that. an important message for toyota owners. get the facts and latest information at every time i look at this picture, i think there's a news van and four chariots next to it. gigi barnett is outside of st. nicolas church. >> reporter: i have my chariot out back. the maryland greek independence day parade is this weekend. this is the spokesperson for
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the event. tell me your name in greek? >> reporter: tell me about the parade, this is huge. >> well, we're celebrating the 189th anniversary from the turks. our ancestors were slaves from them for 400 years and the parade commemorates this on haven and eastern avenue and turns up next to the church and we have marching groups representing the areas of greece. we have different things and we have the spar tan warriors. >> and a lot of food. >> yes, and comfort parade and stay for the food! ,. >> reporter: also, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will
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be here. >> well, her name is greek, stephanie means a crown. she'll be there -- >> reporter: with a crown on. >> and she'll be there and so will the ambassadors to greek and cyprus. it's a wonderful event. rain or shine. but it's not going to rain. >> reporter: it means a lot for the community as well. >> greeks are proud of our heritage, we live in the land of democracy and our ancestors developed it. we recognize the ideals and the freedom cry was liberty or death. we were inspired. >> sounds familiar. >> we were inspired be i the american revolution and it's the fight against the big bad turks and we won with help.
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>> that's the case this morning. thank you so much. am i saying that right. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, and back to you at the station, 2:00 this weekend, sunday, the maryland greek independence day parade, come out and celebrate. there will be a lot of food. >> tim says the weather will be perfect. >> perfect, perfect weather. >> if y'all would stay on patrol, crime would go down. >> thank you, spartan warriors. how many times do i get to say that. all right, coming up on morning edition -- >> reporter: i'm jessica kartalija at the university of maryland school of medicine, hundreds of soon to be doctors learn where they'll do their
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federal help is on the ground in north dakota where people are bracing for major flooding. in fargo, large bucket loaders are being called in to break up the ice jams. the river will crest on sunday
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in fargo and go 20 feet above flood stage. ink it's like 12 or 14 feet above flood stage right now. and again -- they can have that after math of the weather and i'll take ours. the fact that my yard is muddy. >> well, definitely, like you said, the only snow you're finding here is in the back of parking lots and movie theaters. and they were successful in taking that from the dam the other day. >> i mentioned, we're ending on a warm note. ending winterer and going to spring. >> and we'll be in the 70s and that warm note continues. and the forecast goes up to 72 degrees. and tonight down to 42 degrees and clear skies tomorrow and we'll go back up to 70 and nice
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and warm and your muddy yard will dry out. >> as long as i don't have to work on it. and another sign of spring for doctors. it's a day they wait for for years and it's called match day and jessica kartalija reports that the students learned yesterday where they'll complete their residencies. >> reporter: here at the school of medicine. 162 students find out where they're headed next. samuel king anxiously awaits his fate, it's match day at 130 medical schools across the country and inside each envelope is a letter. >> this tells them where they'll spend the next years of their lives. >> reporter: they're called one by one making their way through a sea of students before
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learning where they'll do their residency. >> i'm going to st. lucas in new york city. >> it was amazing. i didn't think i would have this much emotion, but my hands are shaking and i was sweating. >> i just met at washington hospital center in d.c. >> reporter: at johns hopkins. >> san diego. >> baltimore! hopkins. >> reporter: students apply to their choice of three and a computer places the students and unfortunately, they don't always get the match they were hoping for, as for daniel king. >> i'm going to uc. >> and the state of maryland should be happy. >> reporter: these students will be called doctor when they graduate on may 21st.
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i'm jessica kartalija, wjz-13. don't you wonder where that sad student is going next? for most of the students, they were matched up with internal med since. >> and yet to come on this morning edition. >> less than six hours until tip off, many fans are heading to buffalo to watch the game, live. that's just ahead. house democrats fight for the final vote. the next 48 hours could determine the fate of health care reform. that's coming up. >> reporter: good morning, i'm kelly mcpherson and coming up, parents from cardinal gibbons bring their anger here to the city council members. and so far, so good for the morning commute, we'll let you know if anything pops up. we'll have a complete report
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many a few. >> in for marty bass. winter is running out of time and we'll tell you the time and place, well, not the place, but we'll tell you when spring arrives, officially. look at how the animals survive and resolv, that's what "life" is about. we'll talk with the show's executive producer and how oprah is involved. more of the eyewitness news morning edition coming up after this break. ,, announcer: trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. chef: we're all kind of excited about it. guy: mmm! i can see why. announcer: campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good!
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winter is ending like a lamb. this is the last full day of winter and spring starts tomorrow afternoon. sharon he's looking at i-95. we'll have that for you in a moment. we're looking at a gorgeous day start and comfortable. and cool spots towards the
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western counties as you must imagine. we're looking at chilly conditions at the shore and 47 and a light wind at bwi and the forecast looks like this, temperatures in the 40s and officially, the sunrise at 7:11 and we'll go up to temperatures closer to 70 and 72 degrees and a little bit of help, we could go over that. we could exceed that today. the first warning forecast in a few moments. lots more taillights coming up. you bet, that covers the whole morning commute and we don't have much to talk about. there's a look at the drive times and your speeds around the beltway. 53 miles per hour on the outer lupe and there's the topside at maryland 41 and no issues on 895 and that earlier debris on 50 and the bay bridge is gone.
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this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the toyota recalls. to get the facts and information, go to at the top of the news this half hour, maryland's coming down in a major way. two maryland teams, the bears and the terrapins will take to the national stage. the first round is with both of them and andrea fujii is outside of bear's lair where the fans left 2 1/2 hours ago. good morning once again, andrea. >> reporter: dozens of alumni are buffalo bound. here's the video of them bright and early this morning. morgan is ranked 15 in the east and west virginia 2nd and morgan players and fans are
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fueled by the fact they won 19 of the last games and younger and older fans are supporting the team no matter what. >> i'm 85 years old and this is the first time i ever seen a team jell and play together. i think that the basis is the coach. he was not just a coach -- like he was a father to them. >> i'm there to support and hopefully they'll make it to the next round and go all the way, either way, we love you. go bears. >> fans say they think the team learned a lot from the play off game loss and they're confident they'll win today even if it's just by one point. the terps are in spokane, washington and they've practiced a few days. and once again, we want to remind you, wjz is the only place you can see all of the madness.
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and at 12:15, taking on the mountains of west virginia and then, the terps take on houston. another step in the fight to keep baltimore's catholic schools open. hundreds headed to city hall to fight for the cardinal gibbons school. kelly mcpherson has more. >> reporter: the archbishop never looked us in the face, not once. >> reporter: supporters are taking their case to the public school system. the catholic archdiocese is shutting down the all boys school in june and alumni parents are suggesting that the school become a charter. why would the archdiocese feed the competition and i'm the competition. >> reporter: the doctor says he
6:35 am
would support a new charter and the process wouldn't be done in time. baltimore city schools could take on the students. >> we have increased the enrollment by 2000 kids and we've been able to absorb that over the past few year and we want to increase the enrollment. it's good business. >> reporter: the archdiocese won't say what they'll do with the building and land, but a group of supporters say they don't necessarily need the spot. >> there's an exiting student -- existing student body and board. >> reporter: these city council members who said they're catholic say they'll talk with the archbishop. >> give them a year, in a year, they could be running that school. >> reporter: we want the archbishop to listen and say, look, there's an issue with the elected officials and we need
6:36 am
you to listen. if we can buy a year for the schools until there's a plan in effect, let's do it. >> reporter: the city council members represented them and told them to come to the meeting, invite stead a letter was read. reporting from city hall, kelly mcpherson, wjz-13. and another idea that came up last night was to form a nonprofit group and they talked about that. lawmakers consider one of the biggest changes in college funding. the democrats are proposing reduced spending for community colleges and suggesting an end to private financial aid programs and instead, having the government take care of all of the loans and it's part of the health care reform bill. that could come up for a vote
6:37 am
this weekend. >> reporter: the house democrats have over 48 hours to hit the magic number. >> every vote is a heavy lift. >> reporter: leaders are securing the 216 votes needed to pass health care reform. they've added insurance subsists and rebaits for seniors and they're celebrating the latest numbers. >> absolutely giddy. >> reporter: they estimated that the plan would cost $940 billion. it would reduce the deficit over the same period by $138 billion. those savings would grow to a trillion dollars. >> i urge every member of congress to consider this as they prepare for the vote this weekend. >> reporter: president obama would postpone his trip to asia and he'll leave for virginia instead to make another health care pitch.
6:38 am
>> this is history and this is congress. >> reporter: the gop intends to step up the fight. >> our plan is for it to be defeated here the next few days. the american people are screaming stop! >> reporter: as time runs out, things are getting more and more tense. >> the house will be in order! >> reporter: setting the stage for one of the biggest showdowns congress has ever seen. now, the latest bill doesn't have the extra million dollars in medicaid funds for nebraska, but several programs are still in there. today's the 7th anniversary
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of the war in iraq. hollywood and fans of davey crockett are mourning the loss of fess parker. ♪ davey, davey crockett, king of the wild frontier ♪ >> kids had the lunchboxes and the coon skin caps. i had one. he was a real estate developer and he died of natural causes yesterday. closer to home, mr. preakness has passed. chick lang died. he helped make the preakness a much watched sports event. will it was his idea to open
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the field to spectators. there it goes. all right, let's go back to march madness. vanderbilt tries to fight off murry state and wait until you see the finish. they're down by a point and gets the ball inbounds. they'll hit a shot at the
6:41 am
buzzer and guide the team to a thrilling 66-65 win. go murry state. >> you have to be a bad man with a name like de niro. you better bring your a game and he did. well, he's produced at the end. i've realized -- i can't watch, well, some things you can have as background noise. but you can't go to sleep with that in the background. well, that was exciting. >> oh, yes. >> and my richmond spiders lost. >> well, there's always today. all right, 72 degrees today and sunshine and blue skies and warm like yesterday. continues into the week and march begins and march madness, well, we started out with march
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madness and it's ending and spring tomorrow, 1:32 p.m. enjoy. i didn't go to richmond, but my son's girlfriend goes there and works on the paper there. check out this video and stay tuned discovery channel put together a new series, it's called "life" and it's how animals adapt and evolve and reproduce. again, oprah is also involved in that and we'll tell you how and we'll talk to the producer and we'll talk to sharon and tim's here with the first warning weather after this. ,,,,
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saturday and sunday, the front gets here lite and we could hear rumbles of thunder with the mixing of air.
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we're transitioning from the cooler air and that's from the northwest. we're not going to see the system dumping snow in the rockies. sunset at 7:17 and south wind at 5 knots. going to 72 degrees and warm and sun and enjoy your friday. tonight, around 42 degrees and clear skies and much like yesterday and into last night and sunny and nice warm 70 degrees and 70 also sunday and rain late sunday into monday and lingering into tuesday. the temperatures take a hit and back to 60 and overnight lows around 52. and you may enjoy the commute, too. here's sharon. >> we have the first accident and it took almost two hours to pick that up. it's 83 southbound involving two tractor trailers and no major delays or lane closiers.
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otherwise, speeds are looking good. topside outer lupe slightly slow down to 51 miles per hour with the 12 minute drivetime and there's the look at the westside of the beltway and there's the north side of the beltway and also problem free and 83 and warren road. this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the facts and the latest information, go to many >> another tv channel is called must see tv, but this is must see tv. >> and please welcome mike gunston. tim, good morning, wait, mike. tim's next to me. >> hi, to both of you. >> that's the safe way to do
6:48 am
it. >> you're talking about a new series called "life." they say take the most smallest topic to make a tv show and here you are with the big one. >> it would be too easy otherwise. >> what kind of life are we taking? >> well, this is the kind of follow up to the "planet earth" series from three years ago and it's overcoming the challenges of life. it's about the animal survival and the cool ways they've dealt with. >> can you give us some examples? >> well, one of the main challenges you face in life is finding food or avoid being turned into food.
6:49 am
there's an unusual, the first sequence featured three cheat cheatas and in this situation, they're brothers and they changed the way they hunt and they take on pray and that makes it a more intense and dramatic situation with, you know, quite serious consequences. if it's right, that's a great meal and if they get it wrong, they're history. >> and we went through undersea sea and to the desert -- where does this one take you. >> well, in a way, it's the same, it's covering the whole planet, all seven corners and "planet earth" the habitats themselves were the stars and
6:50 am
with "life" it's the animals. this is about the play and the actors themselves. it's a more intimate and more involving in their lives approach. it's more straightforward and more dramatic of an experience. >> it's complimentary. they both work together in a one. one of the things we try to do is show things to people even if we could go to the location, you couldn't see what it does because it's going on at a strange time frame because of it being too fast or slow and we used technology to shoot things at incredible high speeds. for instance, a bat swooping down and getting a fish out of a lake. you can watch all of the moments of it and on the other end of the spectrum, things
6:51 am
that take weeks to happen, if you frame every maybe ten seconds or minute, compress that down and the month happens in ten second. it's a different perspective and that's some of the most magical moments in the series. >> and when are folks able to see this series. >> sunday night 8:00. it's actually two episodes. back to back and from 8:00 is one hour and then another hour starting at 9:00. that's every week for five hours and 11 episodes in total and the 11th is a behind the scenes making of how we got all of the adventures into the series. 11 hours over five weeks and sunday night, 8:00. >> and we understand that oprah is the narrater? >> yes, and she does fantastic.
6:52 am
she used to work here, we're glad she found some work. >> she needs it, i'm sure. she's done a really lovely job, really. she's got a nice sensitivity to the stories and she manages to bring in the warmth and a bit of sadness when it's sad and drama also. it's an interesting perspective on a wild life series having her. >> we know she does everything well. >> well, congratulations on this and we're looking forward to seeing it and especially the last episode in the series. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for being with us. >> it's called "life." it's on discovery and appears march 21st. and then, 11 episodes after that. >> cool. exciting. and it will be available soon on dvd at discovery stores
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if you miss it, you won't miss it for long. we'll take a break and we'll have more first warning weather and we'll update your traffic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just a little warmer today and 70 again tomorrow. 70s through sunday and we're going up to 66 monday and tuesday and with a front moving through and 60 wednesday and the rain leaves us tuesday. the overnight lows mild. and now, for a look at the
6:56 am
roads, we'll send it to sharon gibala. good morning, it's been a mild morning commute and it stays that way. we have two accidents one on the harrisburg expressways. we have a delay on peatopia road and also, another accident at 32. we have a delay at 95 and 83 and there's a look at 83 and warren road. delays aren't back that far yet and there's the north site at greenspring. this is bought to you by wilkens. >> get ready for a second day of march madness. and remember, wjz is the only place to catch more began state bears at 12:15. and that's after eyewitness news at noon, a shortens version and then around 9:30, the terrapins take to the court
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against the cougars out in spokane, washington. you can catch the action on and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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